Online Dating

Contemporary Ideas for Mainstream Dating

Imagine you are sitting at your Computer at Home, when suddenly you decide you want to find the Love of your Life, your Soul Mate, maybe a little Friendship and Romance. A few clicks, and you find yourself Cyber Dating. Check out these Contemporary Ideas for Dating Online. You know if you had described this situation 10 years ago, People would have laughed at You. Yet today often our very first Date with a person happens Online in a virtual CafĂ©, where we can’t touch or Smell or Feel, but we can learn quickly whether there is an Emotion, or Intellectual Attraction.

No pressure, no wondering what you should do next, no worrying you wore the wrong Perfume or Cologne. Heck if you are really good at Multitasking, you can even have more than one Date on the go, although if you are Serious about finding your Soul Mate generally not Recommended. However let’s face it, what a great way to feel the waters, without ever leaving your Home. And we aren’t just talking about the Young. We’re talking about Single Moms, and Dads raising Children, Women and Men who are widowed, middle aged Men and Women, and even Retired Men and Women. Look around you – more and more Widowed individuals are meeting a Partner Online. It’s great to see.

Online offers something else that you can find locally, and that’s more choices. Suddenly the World is at your Fingertips. Your Soul Mate might be just down the Road, or they might be half way around the Planet. With just a click of the Mouse you can be on a trip half way around the Planet. In fact Statistically more and more long term Relationships are starting Online rather than through Traditional Dating.

Besides the possibility of long term Love, there’s all those great Friends, that are just waiting to be meet, and who knows it is one of those friendships, that just might be your Soul Mate. In our Modern World most of us are just too Busy to even get interested in the Local Dating Scene. I mean who has time to sit around the Gym or Coffee house hoping to find a Date ?

Did you know that Marriages as a result of Dating Online are common practice ? Did you know that people are finding the Love of their Life half way around the World ? Did you know that Professional Men and Women are choosing Online Dating due to time Restraints ? The World is at your fingertips with just a Mouse click away, and these Contemporary ideas for Dating Online will steer you in the Right Direction.

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Mainstream Dating- Reasons Why You Should Date Online

The internet has changed the way we do things. The way we buy food, the way we get educated, book hotel rooms and travel; every part of our lives are one way or the other influenced by the internet and the way we date is no exception. Online dating is now main stream. Some people are still skeptical and do not feel comfortable dating online. Below are some reasons why you should be comfortable dating online and the benefits you get.

  • It Is Safe
  • You Are Anonymous
  • Large Pool Of People


  • It Is Safe

The biggest concerns people have with dating online is that of their safety. The good news with online dating is that you do not have to reveal who you are unless you want to. What most people do is that they do not reveal any personal information about themselves until they are ready to do so and are comfortable with whoever they are dealing with. As a rule, when somebody you meet online starts demanding personal information almost immediately, do not bow to the pressure and do not fall to the tact of I have given you mine, so give me yours. Only do that when you are ready.

  • You Are Anonymous

Your personal information is never made public when you register with online dating sites. Whatever information they have about you is for their personal use only. You are required to choose a user name you would use on the site which other site users can see. Other site users will never see your name, email, phone number or address. You have the full discretion to decide who gets it and when, because only you can make it available. It’s up to you to bid your time and when you are comfortable with an individual online make whatever information available. The issue of pictures is a tricky one. Putting a picture of yourself online does not make you anonymous to those who know you. However, the key to success in online dating is having a picture on your profile. You are not required to put up one, but when you do not, your chances of getting any responses from people are down to zero. So it’s up to you, most people do but you are not most people.

  • Large Pool Of People

Online dating gives you access to a huge number of people, more than anything you can get offline in a brick and mortar setting. You are not restricted by geography and are exposed to large number of people without leaving the comfort of your home. This has the advantage of almost guaranteeing that you find a match in a short time and therefore only venture out to meeting offline when things look good. Remember to take the time to create an excellent profile about yourself. Write positive things about yourself and do not put yourself down in your profile.

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Mainstream Dating Services- Part 1

Online dating is a rapidly growing phenomenon. With an overwhelming number of online dating services, estimated to be in the millions, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right one. There are many factors to consider, some of them are crucial to your online dating success.

Niche Service vs. Generic Service

First, you need to consider what type of relationship you are looking for, marriage, friendship, sex. The generic service does not focus on any specific demographic, so it may have a larger database, but how many of those who join everyday are really a match for you. If you are a person who is greatly concerned about race, religion or sexual orientation, you would probably be better off with a niche service. If you are looking for something that is not considered main stream, there is probably a dedicated service for you amongst the millions available services. It is my personal opinion that niche services are much more efficient than generic type services. Searching a database where most of the members are already qualified in some respect creates a more efficient and less frustrating experience. If you are still interested in using a generic service, send an email to the service in order to see if they cater to your special need. Some websites require you to sign up and sometimes pay blindly before they allow full search capability. It would be a shame to pay a fee, only to discover that very few match your need.

Local vs. National or International

It only makes sense to choose a service that caters to your local geographical location. You are going to filter all other people in your search anyway, aren’t you? Maybe the hopeless romantic in me does not want to limit something as significant as love and relationships to a geographical area. Or maybe I am just curious to see if other singles look different, based on geographical location. Part of me always wanted to move, and signing up for a local service, just forces me to admit it. I just like to keep my options open. If these are your thoughts too, then a national service is for you. However, if you are more realistic, have two feet on the ground, and are definitely not the type who is cut out for a long distance relationship, you should probably sign up for a local service.

Paid Vs. Free

If you can get the service for free, why would you want to pay any money, right? Not necessarily. Is it the same service with the same quality? I can’t tell you for sure. However you need to be aware of the pitfalls associated with free dating services. I don’t want to resort to cliches like “you get what you pay for”, but it seems to be true for online dating. There is something about a person who pays his hard earned money to find a match that makes me feel he is more serious than the one who chooses a free service. Also, the fact that a person gave his credit card number indicates he is more serious, reducing the chance of a fake profile messing with your heart. Few people will pay to be a fake.

Free dating services are notorious as places for lurking predators, spammers and prostitution services. And since they are free, the web masters will likely have less staff available to insure quality. So if you can find a match there, it could be after the effort of reducing all the noise, and filtering all the fake/promotional messages, greatly reducing the pleasure you derived from the experience. In addition, it is hard enough to put yourself (your profile) out there. You certainly don’t want to be the subject of laughter or abuse from a group of bored teenagers, who had their afternoon off and didn’t know what to do with their time. Some free services can be good, but finding a good one will be a challenge, since all will tend to be subject to these pitfalls, just by virtue of what they cost. Often people choose to overlook these disadvantages because the service can sound so good, and very often these same people have bad experiences and decide to switch to a pay service anyway.

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